black hat seo

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Most of SEOs that are worth their salt are well aware of how negatively black hat SEO tactics can reflect on the work they are doing. Those tactics might have worked well in the past but if you’re using them today then you’re risking quite a lot.

That said, I feel it’s only fair to mention that, while we all know that black hat SEO is a big no no, only a few of us can honestly say we’ve never dabbled in it. It’s human nature to search for shortcuts. White hat SEO might be the way to go but it takes time and expertise. Most of us were pretty strapped for one of those things at one point or another. So we took a chance. Most of the time it didn’t work – fooling Google is a major task in and of itself. However, sometimes it did work – we would see results faster than usual with only minimum effort put in.

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email list importance

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Is email marketing still important today? I get that question a lot. I know that businesses feel that they should focus on building a social following – collecting Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and what not these days. In response to that, I invite you to watch this video made by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. I would have recorded my own but Derek was wordy and on point here, so there was no need.

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A couple of weeks back I published an article on how to improve your email open rates. It’s an important topic considering that email marketing is one of the best (and the cheapest) tools businesses have for marketing to their customers.

Low email open rates are something that weighs heavily on the mind of every online marketer.
However, improving email open rates is just a step in the right direction – a crucial step but a step after which many others have to follow.

In today’s article, we will explore what you need to do after you get your customers to click on that subject line. Opening the email is step one but getting them to interact with it, getting them to complete the action you want them to complete, is also vitally important.
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influencer marketing - photo depicting influencer marketers connecting

Over 4 billion pieces of content are published every single day. That’s right – FOUR BILLION! While it’s still true that content reigns supreme this somehow manages to put things in perspective, right? It let’s us know that it isn’t just any content that will do – there is literally a sea of words out there that your piece of content has to compete with in order to attract the right attention. The best way to do it is to buckle up, do some outreach, and give influencer marketing a try.

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how google works

From start to finish, Google gives you an overview of what their search engine does when it tries to meat searcher requirements. Life of a query, measurements, mobile first, it’s all contained in this comprehensive presentation that Google published a few days ago in an attempt to explain how Google works.Continue reading

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The ways for optimizing content are always evolving. With constant Google updates, such as Penguin and Panda, there is a real possibility of going overboard and getting smacked down for your over-zealous use of keywords. Keyword stuffing is a big no-no from an SEO perspective today.

This post covers the basics of content optimization. Here is the rundown of what we will be talking about in the continuation of the text.

Post highlights:

  • Optimization game changed drastically – keyword stuffing gets you nowhere
  • Keyword research is the building block of all your efforts
  • Get to know your topic and write like an expert
  • Make your content valuable and insightful
  • Optimization basics – don’t skip them

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