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If you’re an SEO professional the only thing that concerns you is how to get your site to rank on Google Page 1 for your specific keywords. That’s all fine and dandy – it was what you were hired to do, right?

If that’s the case, you’re also aware of the fact that wanting doesn’t get you any results. Everything you do is done for a specific purpose. Linking, onsite optimization, guest blogging, and the content you produce – it all has a singular purpose and that’s to rank #1. You have hundreds of tools on your disposal that are going to help you do your job right. However, most of those tools you need to pay.

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black hat seo

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Most of SEOs that are worth their salt are well aware of how negatively black hat SEO tactics can reflect on the work they are doing. Those tactics might have worked well in the past but if you’re using them today then you’re risking quite a lot.

That said, I feel it’s only fair to mention that, while we all know that black hat SEO is a big no no, only a few of us can honestly say we’ve never dabbled in it. It’s human nature to search for shortcuts. White hat SEO might be the way to go but it takes time and expertise. Most of us were pretty strapped for one of those things at one point or another. So we took a chance. Most of the time it didn’t work – fooling Google is a major task in and of itself. However, sometimes it did work – we would see results faster than usual with only minimum effort put in.

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Google has been making significant changes to their text ads in the last couple of months. Back in February they’ve announced that they will stop showing right-hand ads in the search results in an effort to make the entire search experience more similar across various devices. Now we’re watching the roll-out of the new expanded text ads unfold.

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