How-to Article on Improving Email Open Rates

Client: North American Marketing Company


Writing up a ‘how-to’ type of article that will be published on the company blog. The blog targets small and medium businesses, specifically junior marketers in charge of email sequence execution and growing a subscriber base.It should be engaging and to the point, giving precise advice on what to improve in order to increase email open rates.


  • Researching the target audience and the problems they face every day while on the job.
  • Researching tested ways to increase email open rates – everything from what time of the day to send the emails to email copy and headlines.
  • Creating an engaging article with easy-to-understand tips that marketers can follow in order to improve their email open rates.
  • Incorporating a call to action to sell company’s services.


  • First page ranking on Google for the designated keyword.
  • 380 shares on social media sites in under 4 months.
  • Over 300 new leads generated for the company.