Blog Post about Productivity in an App Company


Client: European Expensing App Business


Create a post that will center around how the company promotes productivity from within using unconventional means. The post needs to be written in an engaging and inspiring style that will help readers to understand that the way we do business is different – our app is different and our core values are as well. It should convey a professional approach to work with just a hint of devil-may-care attitude thrown in there for good measure. The target audience isHR professionals, accountants, and managers in S&M companies.


  • Research workplace productivity – what was done in the past, techniques, and motivators.
  • Set up one on one calls with 3 employees of the company to find out how they feel about what the company is doing to promote productivity.
  • Compare interview notes to research and define new practices that the company is employing.
  • Create a well-written article about the company structure and measures it takes to promote productivity using information gained in the interviews to make the article more approachable and the tone friendlier.


  • Over 300 social media shares in less than 50 days.
  • Establishing the bylined author as a cutting-edge thinker able to transform a bland workplace into a busy hive bursting with productivity.

LINK: How to Boost Productivity inside your Company