Buyer Guide for Consumer Electronics


Client: Amazon Affiliate Site


Create a buyer guide for a CE product used by hikers, trekkers, and campers. Complete research on the topic – the guide has to give concise and actionable information and be able to provide enough information to readers so they can make a sound purchasing decision.


  • Researching the topic and create a list of features/benefits
  • Researching the target audience and determining  when and how they use the product
  • Connecting the benefits to audience’s core needs and expectations
  • Writing an in-depth guide covering all aspects of the product and how users benefit from it
  • Adding pertinent images to break up the text – writing subheadings and the headline


  • The guide reached Google Search Page #1 in under 4 months
  • Number of links: 70 and growing
  • Generated $ 27.254,00 in revenue by June 24th, 2016