E-book on How to Make Money with Online Ad Networks

CRH7EN concepts of online advertising, with message on keyboard.

Client: Large Online Ad Network


Create a short e-book (20,000 words) on online ad networks and how to make money as a publisher. The book needs to be fairly easy to read and explain ad network concepts to beginners. It should cover various aspect, from applying to an ad network to best ad placement practices that increase revenue.


  • Researching ad networks and writing a detailed report on how they work and how publishers can monetize their websites.
  • Researching common questions publishers have about ad networks: how they work, what are the best networks, what types of ads to use, and so on.
  • Adapting the information to answer the most common questions in an easily understandable way.
  • Formatting the text and adding subheadings and  pictures to break it up and make it more readable.


  • A comprehensive give to ad networks for beginners.
  • 1750 downloads in less than 30 days since it was offered as gated content to subscribers on a mailing list.