EDM for an Online Ad Network

Client: Large Online Ad Network


Create a series of emails to engage an old list of subscribers of an online ad network. The emails should reintroduce the services without underestimating the knowledge the subscribers already have about it. They should be engaging, helpful, and with a call to action worked inside, inviting subscribers to test the network’s new services.


  • Identifying the target audience (40-60 year-olds, mostly employed but looking for an additional source of income).
  • Developing several ‘hook’ emails that offer plenty of advice on how to best set up ads, which types of ads to use, and how to vet advertisers.
  • Developing separate sequences for every service the ad network offers, along with last minute offers and hot deals.
  • Writing follow-up emails to collect additional data from subscribers.


  • Open email rate increase of 150 % (open rate on sequences from 40 % to 70 %, depending on the offer).
  • 18 % of subscribers re-engaged and started using network services again.
  • 8 % unsubscribes through a prominent unsubscribe button (the list was old and needed cleaning – only interested subscribers were kept on board).
  • Increase in revenue ($ 127,000.00 in revenue since March 2016, a 210 % increase when compared to the same period in 2015).