Infographic on 8 Hallmarks of Great Content


Client: Content Marketing Agency


Create content for a comprehensive but easy to understand infographic about the content creation process, from start to finish. Has to be helpful to professionals already practicing in the field and has to educate about the key ingredients that every piece of great content has.


  • Researching the target audience – content marketers – and finding out how most of them approach content creation.
  • Developing an exhaustive outline on various content creation techniques and processes they use when creating new content and how much they understand about what makes content great and causes it to go viral.
  • Picking the most effective approaches to content creation and curating a list of 8 hallmarks of great content.
  • Adapt the article to infographic format and fill it with interesting facts and statistics to help readability.


  • Infographic published on more than 15 infographic curation sites.
  • 480 social media shares in the last 6 months.

LINK: 8 Hallmarks of Great Content