Landing Page for Men’s Psychotherapist

landing page

Client: Men’s Therapist


Create a landing page for special offer offered by a men’s psychotherapist. The page has to target vulnerable men (demographic 25 – 50 years old) and get them to book a 30-minute session with the therapist. The page has to highlight the benefits of psychotherapy for men and how it can help men get through a rough patch in their life.


  • Researching common problems that men deal with during young adulthood and maturity.
  • Pinpointing benefits of psychotherapy for men – how it helps them deal with those problems, how they benefit in their everyday life, how it can help them save their marriage or build themselves into a better person.
  • Demystifying psychotherapy and how it relates to men – making it more approachable and less stigmatic to men.
  • Creating a landing page that pulls the reader in and keeps their interest – writing an easy-to-read text that emphasizes benefits of therapy.
  • Adding in calls to action in order to get readers to book a free 30-minute session.


  • Created a steady stream of leads over the course of 4 months.
  • 75 free sessions booked in the same period of time.
  • 22 % of clients stayed on board and choose to continue therapy.

LINK: Landing Page for Men’s Therapy